Acknowledgement, Terms & Conditions


This is a safe space for peer supervision and growth. Please acknowledge the following ground rulesĀ Ā 

1). Confidentiality: What happens in supervision, stays in supervisionĀ 

2). The only exceptions to confidentiality of the peer supervision space may be regards:Ā 

  • If a situation arises wherein any peer therapist appears to be an imminent and violent threat towards themselves or others.Ā 
  • If sharing information is necessary to facilitate client care / peer support across multiple providers.Ā 
  • As per any statutory mandates (POCSO)Ā 

3). The inputs given and gained through this supervisory process, would be basis the information shared from the therapists perspective and narrative, the group would not be privy to the case details outside the same, hence the group will not bear any liability towards the therapeutic process and the therapist must use their own competence and discretion in the therapy spaceĀ  4). All practitioners must maintain confidentiality while sharing the case details for supervisionĀ  5). No recording of discussion shall be permitted unless prior consent has been sought and provided by the entire group formallyĀ 

Terms & Conditions

  • I agree to the terms for joining this group and maintaining safe space as stated above
  • I consent to the use of my details and image as provided to the team on the website for the purpose of referrals

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