Welcome to our circle of support! This space is envisioned as a space for peer support and supervision within the community of mental health practitioners.


This is a supervisory practice follows a group structure. We recognise that we are all experts in our own fields and communities and choose to also honour that wisdom in this space.


This supervisory circle aims to promote self-reflection, provide space for creativity to emerge and aims to create space to experience a therapist’s personal and professional growth in a consistent and supported manner.

Our goals and intentions for this space also include



Building Community Resources

Overcoming ‘stuckness’

Learning, unlearning & relearning

Building expertise

Building connections & community of MHPs

Thereby combatting the emotional fatigue and often isolating experiences of independent practice


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How will it work?

Attend Meeting

Attend meeting or discussion


Keep your queries ready & discuss those during the meeting.


Connect once every month


Share your Experience, Moderate, Present, Offer Solutions

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